Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 for 10! Transform, New Start NOW!!

Nothing like a new year to gain a new perspective, and a fresh start! It is a great time to put your dreams to paper, make a plan, and set it into action. Without a good plan, there is very little achieved. I too am planning a new start with the Newstart program that I wrote about last year.
Just for a refresher the program was; N (nutrition), E (exercise), W (water), S (sunshine), T (temperance), A (attitude), R(rest), and T (trust in God.)These articles are all on the website http://workoutwithwendy.blogspot.com if you would like to review them. This year I thought we would try to put these into action!
Let's first discuss some of the tips, then we will see how they can be placed into an action plan.
TIP #1
One of the most overlooked things it seems is an adequate consumption of water. Cold water is actually the best, it absorbs more quickly. Water is critical for EVERY function in your body. If you are exercising water can make or break your workout. It is important to consume water prior to your workout, during your workout, and within 30 minutes after your workout out.
Studies have shown that an inadequate amount of water can hinder your workout, and eave you literally without steam. So drink up!!
Lifting weights is a great way to crank up your metabolism. Studies have shown that lifting heavier is better. For example lifting 20 pound weights, instead of 10 pound weights, for the exactly the same volume, the 20 pound weights creates a larger metabolic increase. There is a greater amount of protein broken down, requiring more energy to repair and recover.
Another benefit of the heavier lifting was/is an increase in your sleeping metabolic rate by nearly 8%- almost 5 extra pounds per year!
Use your whole body. Why walk and not involve your arm? Why do a bicep curl and not move your legs? Whole body movements burn more calories, and cut workout time in half.
Circuit training ( a series of exercises back to back with little or no rest) can increase your heart rate and elevate your calorie expenditure by twice the amount, and create a greater post workout recovery demand. Cutting back on the breaks also can be a huge time saver.
Use commercial time while watching your favorite television shows for exercise breaks. There are approximately 28 minutes worth of commercials in an hour long show. Try not to elevate your heart rate too much late at night, though. This can impair your recovery.
Research shows that interval training, or sudden burst training improves the bodies ability to produce fat burning enzymes. This involves exercises that challenges you. During these intervals/sudden bursts (running, circuit training, kettlebells, spinning/cycling, jumping rope...) you will not be able to talk, you will be breathless! All of your focus should be on the activity you are participating in.
Use an exercise journal, as well as a food journal, to keep yourself on track. Journaling is a great way to measure improvements, as well as recognize patterns (good and not so good.) This is a great way to "see" you progress, and to modify your workouts. For example, if I am training to run a marathon, I would log my mileage, time spent running, type of program I did that day (intervals, long run, hills...) Exercise journals can also help keep you motivated. A combination journal is a great tool to keep your calorie consumption and expenditure balanced. A good one will also prompt you to review your goals and create weekly goals to keep you on track.
Make sure you always warm up for five to fifteen minutes, this depends on the length of your workout. Make sure it "mimmicks the activities you will be doing. All workouts should include a proper cool-down period also, involving stretching and mind-body activities. Other components that should be included would be movement skills and drills, balance and "core" exercises. Core exercises should not be compressive on the lumbar spine (ie- sit ups, V-sits). Once again, whole body exercises are encouraged.
Eat a snack of quality carbohydrate and a small amount of protein within 30 minutes of your workout. Plan your snack. This will help your body recover from the activity. And, of course, don't forget the water. Naturally, the size of the snack should also match the effort put forth in the work out.
Partners are a great way to stay motivated. Get a partner with similar abilities and goals. Get someone you can spark some fun motivational competition with!! Competition is a great way to keep you on track when you feel like you are falling off your mark. Healthy, fun competition that is!
So you might be wondering how I am going to put this ALL together....?
Starting now I am looking for six people to enter into my six week NEWSTART NOW!! CONTEST. That is right- CASH!! Six weeks can start the changes necessary for you to begin a new life, new perspective and gain your life back. We will use all of components describes above. We will discuss water, and other fuels for a healthy life, and lifestyle. We will take outdoor walks, and learn to hike, learn to eat, learn to communicate, learn to love ourselves a little better. We will learn the right exercises for our bodies. ALL contestants will receive a complete assessment, and home exercise program for their particular strengths and weaknesses. This will be a nice mind-body program with a home therapy kit to help you along. All contestants will have nutritional consultations (2) Plus, fun, interactive group session on meal planning and recipe ideas. (Yes, there will be food!) There will be cash prizes for different categories to keep the competition fun. There is also a GRAND PRIZE for, you guessed it the Island's Biggest "Miss-Fit" (Male or Female.) There are rules, of course. Call for details!!
Don't miss this one!!!! It's time Avalon.... Lets get healthy together!!!

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