Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the best gifts are free!!

the best gifts are free,
are rarely ever found underneath the Christmas tree.
the gift of love,
particularly the love from heaven above,
this is the gift we need to enjoy more of.

instead of cookies, and candies, and cakes,
let's give thanks for all the wonders He makes,
the oceans and skies,
things that give us natural highs...
far from things that money buys.

the love in our hearts,
and the warmth it imparts,
one genuine smile,
goes for mile upon mile-
never going out of style.

an innocent hug and a kiss,
should make any gift list,
Never expecting a thing.
No sadness this brings,
the heart freely sings.
and all heaven rings....

no wrappers are needed,
no boxes and glitz,
a free loving heart,
from the end of year to the start.

a genuine love for each other-
this is what we need to discover
under our trees,
and upon our knees.
the best gifts are always free!!

as we celebrate our Lord's birth,
the God of heaven and earth,
ask yourself what this is worth...
his love for you,
tried and true,
through and through.

this season let's love
by being gentle as a dove,
not bickering,
backbiting and snickering.
no package can be,
anywhere worthy,
of the true love we have from above...

Season's greetings.

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