Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do What You Love... And Love What You Do!! 2010

Often I look around and wonder how many out there truly "love what they do." The very rhyme and reason for our very existence should be to be in harmony with our goals/purpose and our gifts, or abilities. If you are not living in harmony with your dreams and abilities, what is stopping you?
I used to live out of sync. I was constantly seeking something I was never able to find. I thought love, romantic love, was the answer. Relationships took priority in my life.  Perpetually seeking some one else to "complete me."The relationships, however, could  never live up to my expectations. Disappointment was a constant companion. No one, it seemed, could give me the "right" type of attention, or amount of attention. They all lacked understanding... In retrospect, I lacked understanding, also.
Somehow, I feel, many are living under the burden of disappointment. This disappointment is like a dark cloud that shrouds everything. It becomes a dark cycle that is hard to shake off. Much of this we learn from a very young age. It is part of our fiber, our very tissue. From the second we are born we start to store experiences and they become part of our make-up. We can either learn to stay under that shroud, or we can learn from the experiences, and move ahead- making better choices. We need to learn to recreate our selves by making informed choices from the experiences we already carry. We have habitual habit patterns ingrained in us that we need to unlearn.
So how do you unlearn habits?? Well, naturally, you need to "see" them first. You can't unlearn something you don't know about, or feel no need to unlearn. This is self discovery. You need to allow yourself the freedom to examine your inner world. We have a hard time sometimes examining things internally. Examining fears.... we all have them. Usually a fear stems from something that happened a long time ago, something traumatic that you do not want to re-experience. These fears are "stored" in your very tissue. They are destructive, and if not purged prevent you from experiencing your full potential. Most of us know the things we need to do, we just don't do them. Fear is a big barrier. We have to allow ourselves to release these fears. True success is only achieved by truly trying new things that are out of your usual realm of experiences. Doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results is not only crazy, but a self -fulfilling prophecy of failure. It is time to let go!!
In time we don't even recognize the destructiveness of our behavior. We do not like to have them brought to light, though. Let's go back to my example, myself. The relationship problem stemmed from childhood, as they often do. I was an awkward child. Often I felt in  the way and uncomfortable. I carried this with me into adulthood, but found drinking made me more social. It seemed I had a solution, and others were doing it, too. This is a destructive pattern covering up another destructive pattern. Other patterns soon followed. This was, as you can see fear based from childhood. And fear is not a productive mechanism, unless it is a self protection mode, as in a life or death situation.
This negative solution had many destructive consequences, which I would have immediately denied if confronted with them. It was my solution, period. Eventually I did see the bigger picture. Things never seemed to work out for me. I still fight with aspects of this to this day. But it is getting better. Realizing the fear factor, and releasing it is the starting point. Finding a new direction, with new solutions is the answer. We were created to bear light and to have hope and purpose. We were not created to live in fear, and to quit- living hopelessly.
Hopelessness breeds complete systemic distress. Our physical bodies respond to our mindsets. I have yet to see a person who is perfectly healthy, who is completely disappointed with their very existence. You can even see it in their posture, they have "holding patterns," displaying discomfort with the environment around them. If this pattern becomes prevalent enough, it will compromise basic movement skills. It also gives rise to common musculoskeletal problems.  They then become more awkward, fulfilling the very fear that set them apart in the first place. The cycle continues. Not only do our muscles react to this state, so do our internal organs. Stomach problems, headaches, inflammation, diseases (too many to mention), and disabilities give rise from this chronic state of discontent and fear and hopelessness.
Really, as it has been so eloquently stated before, "there is nothing to fear, but fear itself." The opposite of fear is love, charity and expression. These let go of the guarding, and start to create changes necessary for true change. This is what will make the difference in how successful you will be in your diet, business, or whatever it is you choose to accomplish in this life. Open up and take a chance.  It is time to let the barriers down and do what you love and love what you do!!

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