Friday, December 11, 2009


Sometimes life can seem so perfect. For example, being warm and safe listening to the rain tapping gently on the roof. The air full of the spicy, simplicity of pumpkin oatmeal loaf, ( low fat, all natural... of course.) my puppy rolled up next to me, my classes this morning vibrant and alive.... what more could I ask for? Simple and delicious... If only moments like this lasted for more than just a moment! (Then again, why can't all moments be appreciated for the fullness of what they are. Even the moments that are a little less warm and toasty, do have a purpose.... if you let them.)
Feeling warm and toasty, I plunked down in front of my computer, time to check out my e-mail. A newsletter from a well respected trainer in the industry was lurking in my mail. I boldly opened the letter, knowing it would probably trigger a surge of memories. Low and behold, I was not disappointed.
Only one short year ago, I had the pleasure of attending a 3-day mentorship at Todd Durkin's studio, Fitness Quest 10, in San Diego, California. It was a crazy experience for me. The thrill of visiting "a real trainers' studio," to hear and see see all that goes into a world class facility.
Wow!! You see, Todd is not your "average trainer, " he trains clients from the "average Joe's" to the Drew Brees catagory. He has been named trainer of the year on several occasions by more than one professional organization, published in health magazine, part of the Under Armor new "Prototype of Training" (and, yes, I wear it- with purpose.). He is a trainers' trainer. (I have been blessed to touch base with more than one trainer of outstanding ability.)
What a great experience and opportunity to learn from one of the best... and to top it off -I was sicker than I'd been in years! Humbling, to say the least. Naturally, I wanted to be "part of the group," but definetely felt "out of the loop. I felt so "out of the loop" that I am sure I was even visibly shaking!! Right about then, I decided to get as much as I could out of this experience as humanly possible. I brought back much from this very memorable opportunity, on many levels. Goals and business being one aspect, group and personal training ideas, yet another, but probably a much deeper sense of self. Self and those terrible fears that are ingrained in all of us, it seems, fears that predetermine failure. Paralyzing fears that stop us from being all we can be. What we are predisposed to be. It was a investigation of the spirit within. I continue to this day to challenge that faithless spirit. Without faith, commitment and direction you are destined to travel the road of discontent for a very long time.
The email was a jolt to the senses. It was entitled, "Make your Dream Come True." I opened it to find the same positive, goal driven Todd that I has met a year ago. A real re-awakening of the experience only a year behind me. I thought it would be good to share with you some of the key thoughts from the newsletter, particularly as we approach the end of another year.
I hope you get out a piece of paper, I did. As he explains, in order to make your dreams come true, you need order, a plan, something tangeable you can see, feel, real, touch.... something in your face. People who achieve their goals have clear mental pictures of exactly what it is they are striving for. Write down the following questions, leave room to expand on your answers.
1) Where you in your life right now? Think personal, business/work, home life and spiritually. Reflect on each aspect individually. Where do you excel? Where are you lack?
2) Are you truly content with YOU? Once again think of each aspect of what makes you you.
3)Are you achieving your goals, dreams, visions in these aspects of your life?
4)Do you live in a state of harmony where your values, talents and skills are aligned in your daily experiences? ( This is my favorite question, really focus on each aspect.)
5) What is preventing you from living in a state of harmony? Do you love life, or fear life?
In order to experience our personal best in this life, it is good to have an action plan.
Now that you can see some things emerging on paper, what are you going to do to make the changes to create more harmony, more alignment?
Continue to write, over the next few weeks, an actual plan for change. See it, taste it, pray it, believe it. Make a general plan for the next 3-5 years. The "Big Picture," and break that into smaller pieces, such as one year from right now. From that what can you do in the next 90 days that can produce momentum towards those dreams? It is your momentum that creates change. Keep reproducing that energy, drive and commitment every 90 days. Soon that three year dream will be here. Faith, integrity and perseverance.
Happy New Year to you... and all you can be!! Live and exude an attitude of gratitude, you will be amazed how much easier things are when you live realizing the blessings we enjoy- on a daily basis. Live in the now... plan for the future.

Thanks for the email, Todd! God bless you!

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