Monday, June 22, 2009

Putting The "T" in TRUST!

This is the last article in a series of eight articles written with your complete well being in mind. There are so many aspects to complete health, and even to each topic discussed, that I have had requests to start all over again at letter "N". As a quick recap, the program is the NEWSTART program. "N" was for nutrition, "E" was for exercise, "W" was for water, "S" was for sunshine, "T was for temperance, "A" was for attitude, "R" was for rest, and "T " is for trust in God. All of these components are aspects of a compete, healthy, productive lifestyle.
Trust can be a complicated issue. Trust is often hard earned, and is very subjective when it comes to the human race. When I look at my little puppy, I see a clear picture of what trust is. No matter what I say, or do, he looks to me for protection. He rolls over on to his back, so innocent and exposed, trusting I will show him tenderness- remarkable for a dog that has had a difficult background. He trusts that I will supply ALL his needs, care for him when he is confused, or upset about things his little puppy mind does not understand, give him the right foods to eat and above all love him..... trust. He trusts I am doing the right things for his life sake. In return he shows his love by amazing loyalty. Wow! What an amazing example of trust.
I am not to sure if I feel that level of trust towards any of my earthy friends, to be totally at their mercy, and to totally trust and obey their every word.... amazing!! How often do we look at even our family members with a level of uncertainty?
It says on the American dollar 'In God We Trust." This is a wonderful sentiment! Do we really believe this though? If we truly did believe in our God do you not think we would be a society of more trusting, relaxed, confident people- less high blood pressure, less stress related illness. Just like my puppy- relaxed, calm, attentive, and above all- happy. I doubt that he worries about his next meal, the rent, his next walk, love and attention. Why? Because he KNOWS his needs are being met. While he has been in my loving care, these things have ceased to be an issue. He knows he is cared for. As the birds of the air do not stress, why should we? Particularly if we have that loving trust with our Master, our Creator, our God. Does He not tell us that He will care for our every need if we follow Him? If we heed His voice? If we fall to our knees and tell Him all, TRUST HIM?
Knowing that the very dollar that this statement is printed on is experiencing problems, why should we live in fear if we are 'trusting in God." Or perhaps we have come to rely on our own strengths, not really allowing ourselves to experience the freedom of a trusting heart? Many of our ancestors through history, famous world leaders, have fallen into this trap, self. Self is a lonely, dangerous, deceptive place to live in your soul. Throughout history this was the tragic fault of many great leaders. Once one comes to believe in their own self importance, loosing the humility to follow others, particularly the Creator of all, you loose the humility to grow, and learn and fully experience the simple joys we are all here to learn of. Self made doctrines are dangerous in ALL aspects of the human existence.
Anything I may think I know is based upon much reading, studying and following of those who have gone before me and have learned by true trial and error. This includes the very simple examples set for by our Lord in His well published, and well loved book, The Bible. To become a disciple and have discipline in life to follow the true path brings new freedoms and joys that cannot be found by following self, and self important ideals. I encourage anyone experiencing challenges in their lives to seek Him who can change anything, on a dime. I know this from personal experience.
I am not alive today based upon my own best efforts. I, much like puppy, have had a less than glamorous past. The good health I now enjoy, is not particularly what I deserve. I have been blessed. It is the side effect of changing my will, and admitting that the choices were not good choices. My own path was a definite path to total self destruction. By following and trusting in God, I have overcome many of the struggles I see around me today. Pain, suffering, health issues. So many struggles can be overcome by seeking and trusting.
I find great comfort in my life and daily struggles to know that there is a rhythm and a purpose in this life. I know my Master Trainer is only a prayer away. That even when things seem bleak, there is always hope. Why? Because I see His providence in life daily. Why? Because He said so. Why? Because I follow Him... and all I have to do is pay attention to ALL the things around me. Not just my life, but others. What an amazing display of love, and grace. And as a punctation mark, all I have to do is look at my sweet little puppy.

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