Monday, June 8, 2009

The Abundant Attitude

When going through the  journey of life there is one thing you carry with you everywhere you go. You are accountable for it. It can make you, or it can completely break you. It will determine whether you are successful, or not. You can develop it, and grow it, or let it stagnate. It is best formed through humility,and can develop true strength. It is your attitude.
We all love a good story. The underdog that excels to greatness, the person who defies death and survives ( against all odds), the odd man out, the person who after a lifelong struggle lost 100 pounds. We have all heard these remarkable stories. We love them, they give us hope. But what determines who will have this fortitude in them? Some people seem to have a lot more moxie, somehow.
We all go through this life and experience various trails. Some view these trials as roadblocks (they stop, and don't press on), others as expected pebbles in the road of life (they knew the pebble would be there).  How you view and perceive these difficulties will determine how you overcome them. Attitude. The willingness to learn from others. The willingness to learn from experiences. Humility. By admitting weakness, you are on the road to true strength. The ability to overcome. The tougher thing yet, is to be grateful for ALL your experiences, and not allow the to create bitterness in your soul.
When confronted with a problem, what do you do? Do you procrastinate, allowing the problem to take on a life of it's own (and it will). Procrastinating seems to be a big part of human nature. It is usually fear driven, and prevents development of you character, and will show up in your attitude about relevant issues in your life. It will eat at goals, and invade your peace. 
I recently attended a mentorship program in San Diego with a very well respected trainer ( A trainer that trains athletes, and regular "Joe's" and does mentorships on  business and personal development), his name is Todd Durkin. Great experience. Character building.  We received so many "gifts" from this experience, I am still uncovering some of them. One of the many books I received as a gift was called "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy. In this book the author discusses procrastination, and ways of dealing with it. One line that stands out in this book is that "Your 'frog" is your biggest, most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you DON"T do something about it. IT IS ALSO THE ONE TASK THAT CAN HAVE THE GREATEST POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE AND THE RESULTS AT THE MOMENT."
Seems most of our biggest trails and tribulations are from a failure to do something. If we don't take care of our health, our finances, our responsibilities, we do suffer the consequences. If we refuse to "own" this our character and our attitudes reflect this. We become bitter... or we can learn and grow. We have a choice.
 This is where real character, and development of "winners" come into effect. What is your "frog", and what do you choose to do about it? Today is today... there is no promise of tomorrow. in fact many believe the end is near.  Do you humble yourself and seek growth... or do you pretend it doesn't really matter?
Today counts. Every second counts. Your drive  and determination  can develop greatness, if you can believe, and step out in faith, and just know. Faith is key in development. You can do great things, if you do it and do it with all your heart. This is the abundant attitude! 
  I want to share with you one other thought that I try to hold onto since my San Diego experience. Sometimes I think about it before a challenge. There was one other book that Todd  shared with us, it was call 212 Degrees. As it goes, "at 211 degrees water boils, at 212 water becomes steam... and steam can power a locomotive". That Is the difference in one degree. THAT is the difference between okay and greatness. That is the CHOICE of abundant living, and it lives in each and every one of us!

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