Monday, March 8, 2010

The Inner Struggle for Victory

Looking back with complete honesty, you eventually see it. It is a distinct pattern. A distinct AND  repetitive pattern of behavior that continually brings you back to the same place. We ALL have them. They can be diet patterns, exercise patterns, work patterns.... simply put the way we continually do things, resulting in either the desired, or not desired, result. They are mostly "automated" responses to how we deal with various situations, tasks, or events.
It is truly amazing what the human mind is capable of. It controls all of the necessary functions to keep you alive, it controls voluntary, and involuntary systems, all rather seamlessly. Sitting there where you are you are not focusing on breathing, blood circulation, digestion, muscle position, or anything. Your mind is reading this article, and every thing else is doing what it does. It is a pattern. Our nervous system handles all of these rather "simple" tasks for us all the time. The brain develops patterns to help create efficiency.
Many things we do in our day to day lives involve this "patterning." Literally. Think about this, from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, your nervous system has created many patterns to create relative ease into your days. Many of our seamless choices are built upon patterns. We either learn many of them in our "formative years."Others are developed by new habits, postures (being habitual), goals (actions), and emotions, which we hold onto to form deep patterns of choices.
Now often these little motor programs are our friends, but not always. For example a child that has been attending ballet, or soccer, classes that is encouraged to move and enjoy movement versus a child that is belittled in class. What type of deep "patterning" can result? One child may grow up very confident,  loves to move and is very expressive. The other may become quite introverted, and not in the least bit interested in exploring their physical being. A "program" has been established. A deep dislike, or like, for a particular type of experience that is held onto- even when the person becomes an adult. This same patterning, right or wrong, is held onto in our very fabric.  Our fears are based on the same kind of patterning. I for example, almost drowned when I was very young. I am still to this day very intimidated by water over my head. It is no longer founded on something tangeable in the now, but the fear still lives.
So then, how many fear based programs are we running? And how can they be interfering with our ability to have better relationships? to loose weight? to "swim" in the big pool of life, and life's successes, and challenges? Most changes that are required in life require a solid inventory of these patterns of fear. A self assessment. A very "real" and "clear" picture of what is really holding you back.
 I attended a mentorship once, and this was the focal point. This ONE thing. Facing up to these patterns of fear, and finding new solutions.  As it has been said time and time again, the "definition" of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results. This is true of your diet goals, and any other goals. We all try those "cookie cutter programs". They don't work. They do not require true, deep down change. They are not personal, so why would the change/s be personal and long lasting?  This is the essential element-Assessment.  And then the desire for that down, deep and "dirty" change. I will bet you anything- your diet problem is not the fundamental problem of your "diet" program. It is the patterns you have formed from birth, with habits and emotions that have encouraged the pattern. Assessing YOU becomes very uncomfortable.  However no true change is going to transpire without self assessment. This is the beginning of changing patterns. You cannot change something you do not acknowledge.
Successful people are continually doing self- assessment. They have a standard that they hold themselves against, much like the ten commandments. These are their measure of excellence. They realize, of course, that complete excellence is only in the standard. Therefore, they are continually looking for ways to break out of  patterns, step out of the mold of "common" and run the race of endurance. They enjoy the journey of true development. Fear and pride, set aside. Only through true humility do you break the pattern. As they say, dig deep- the solution is in there.

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