Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tired of Dieting...?! What you NEED to know!!

Tired of diets? Tired of restriction, to no avail? Tired of exercise programs that do not work?  Tired of simply being tired?! Here is some information that could change how you approach your next meal, or "diet" plan!! If you are serious about change, please read the following science-based facts that can help revitalize your approach to health and weight -based issues. This is the NEWSTART approach. N is for nutrition. E is for exercise. W is for water. S is for sunshine. T is for temperance. A is for attitude. R is for rest. T is for trust in God. This is the newstart approach to total wellness. Today we will focus on N.
The diet industry is a 54 billion dollar industry, with a 95 percent failure rate ( Dr. Jane Penz, Nutrition for Professionals, 2008) Failure meaning the ability to maintain the apparent weight loss over a long period of time. Shocking information!! More shocking yet is what this diet really does to your metabolism- not to mention your ability to loose weight again down the road.
According to the current information, dieting can cost you muscle tissue...precious, metabolic muscle tissue. Muscle is the key to a "fast" metabolism. Simply put, the more muscle you have the more calories you expend, even at rest. The only way to preserve this muscle tissue, and prevent "crashing"your metabolism, is exercise. Cardiovascular exercise, AND strength/resistance training exercise- with still yet the appropriate nutrients.
The fitness industry also is experiencing a low success rate in long term results. As mentioned before without the right nutrients, and the appropriate amount of calories you will not have any long term success here, either. It seems there are many misconceptions on what exactly a healthy diet is! Different views on calorie consumption, nutrient timing, carbs, proteins...enough  to make your head spin!! I  have also seen, time and time again, after a great workout an individual either overdoing it, or vastly under doing it in the dining room. 
Here is a classic example of self sabotage of a great exercise plan. Let's say you had dinner at 6pm. You were "good"- no desert, no frills. You ad the immediate result of glucose that your body makes for energy in your system. You felt great, energized and went to bed planning a great workout in the morning.
You woke up the next morning, grabbed a coffee and water ( for your workout) and ran out the door. Somehow your workout was not all that it could wondered why and continued along picking up a fast food breakfast,  and more coffee. What happened?! 
Well, while you were sleeping your body recivered from the days stressors (walking, work, shopping your daily workout...)It used calories. If you are exercising the rest stage is when you gain your strengths. Calories are used all night long to keep your body alive and to recover and repair. When you wake up your "stores" are low. You only have 12-16 hours of available energy in your system to maintain homeostasis, or balance for all your cells.  For all your cells to be healthy it is important to maintain a blood glucose of between 80-120 to maintain balance.  If there is no glucose available certain cells die, cells like brain cells and nerve cells. The body will not allow this to happen, it will then convert to burning muscle for energy...your hard earned lean muscle becomes glucose for these cells. So, as you can see nutrient timing is very important, and skipping breakfast is a big mistake!! 
So what can you do to prevent sabotaging that morning workout? Eat!! That's right, even a small amount to get your blood sugar into that safe zone, between 80-120. A carbohydrate with a small amount of protein is the way to go before that workout, You will have more stamina for better performance, and better results! Good food choices are critical to good performance!!
Another sabotager is a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet. Carbs are our friends. Whole food carbs, though. Whole foods.
Low calorie diets, particularly while working out can cause serious problems. If you are eating less than your basal metabolism, what your body needs to run effectively, you are sabotaging your efforts, and risking your health. "A nutrient deficiency can result from extreme restriction in which the same few foods are eaten every day. This is especially true of diets high in protein with minimal amounts of vegetables and thus receive less than optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals. (Dr. Ken Kinakin, Optimal Muscle Training, Human Kinetic,2009) Nutrition is key to any strength gains, as is water consumption, rest, and peace and tranquility.
Unfortunately, restrictive diets do not lessen your stress, either. On the contrary, they increase it. They trigger hormones, messengers, in your body for stress. Cortisol being a key hormone in the flight of fight type of situation. Small amounts of cortisol are good. remember the grandma  that lifted the car off her small grandchild.. Flight or fight, life or death. Stressful situations. A steady "flow" of cortisol in your veins form a lack of proper food and nutrients leads to a flight or fight response, also. You get cranky, and your belly fat increases. THis is not he picture of wellness!! 
Proper nutrition is critical to all around wellness. This is a very brief outline on some of our common blunders in the world of nutrition. It is suggested that you visit for a more complete picture of what you should be eating!!!

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